Hell’s Bay Boatworks

Hell&'s Bay Boatworks

Hell’s Bay Boatworks. If you know inshore light tackle fishing, you’ve heard of them, fished on one or dreamed one day of owning your own. Hell’s Bay, named after a remote piece of fishing grounds in the Everglades, is world renowned for its best-in-class construction of the finest poling skiffs on the market.

The company is rooted in rich fly-fishing history, founded during a time when the pioneers of saltwater fly-fishing had to literally create the tools they needed to get them where the fish were. Back in those days, there were no suitable boats to really get you where you wanted to go, or get you to where if you could go, the fishing would be otherworldly. That necessity of innovation is what lead Hell’s Bay Boatworks’ founders to create skiffs unlike anything ever seen before.

In 1997, the company was founded by a handful of legendary anglers and innovators including Flip Pallot, who built the very first Hell’s Bay Skiff and reinvented the possibilities of saltwater fishing.

Today in Titusville, Florida, Hell’s Bay Boatworks is continuing to engineer the world’s finest and most innovative shallow water skiffs. These functional works of art are hand laid with some of the best materials and engineering concepts of any known boat manufacturer.



Each of their models is built completely by hand, from the ground up. Hell’s Bay Boatworks offers 8 models ranging from 16 feet to the proud 24’10” Bay Boat that was just released during the Summer of 2016. Their personal direct-to-consumer sales solidify the connection between boat builder and angler with a fraternal bond that only Hell’s Bay owners understand. When it came time for us to build a skiff for our adventures, we saw no other choice than a boat built by Hell’s Bay Boatworks.

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“These boats are a completely unique combination of materials and engineering concepts from the aerospace industry, Americas cup yacht racing and the tradition of built by hand craftsmanship. These boats are literally built from the paint job, up. Its not only a fishing platform, it’s the magic carpet that takes you to places that live in your mind while you’re sitting at your desk and let you reach into your guts and be yourself.”

-Founder and legendary Angler Flip Pallot

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