Our Story

In the beginning, "Fish Hippie" was dubbed by our founders, and an uncommon crew of characters, as a measured description to sum up a wandering "eye on the horizon" way of life. Back then, this covered exploring infinite coastlines in-shore and off with the frequent treks to the gin-clear streams of higher elevations. As it turned out, the years of broad travels and a freedom-to-roam cultivated invaluable experiences in the way of blending in and soaking up the genuine time-worn character of people and waterside locales from coast to coast. The deep appreciation for all the topnotch people and places they called home would eventually evolve into inspiration and is undoubtedly the true foundation of our brand.

In 2010, with a steady supply of inspiration and observation in the hopper, the first fish hippie products were created as comfortable easy-to-wear styles crafted for lives lived on, in or by the water. By design, our origins hold true today, as we strive to provision the waterside lifestyle from dawn 'til dusk and beyond with essential quality in unique Fish Hippie style.

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As with any worthy adventure, there have been many bends in the road, but our original inspiration still holds true. It's the deep-seated character of the people and the places we frequent that first set us on our way and continue to shape our brand all these years later. Thanks for your years of support and here's to an original waterside life.

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