Introducing the new Fish Hippie Skiff

Introducing the new Fish Hippie Skiff

Dreams are an interesting thing. They evolve with our experiences and grow roots into the corners of our minds, grasping at the place where imagination is prone to wander. For the saltwater flats fisherman, those dreams will often come to include the vessel by which we might bring those very dreams into the light of day. 

So we bought this boat.

But it’s so much more than a boat. It’s a vessel for adventure. It’s a platform designed for the pursuit of those very dreams. It’s crafted for skinny waters, singing drag, and sunrise cold beers. It’s built for damn good times.

“It’s not only a fishing platform, it’s the magic carpet that takes you to places that live in your mind while you’re sitting at your desk and let you reach into your guts and be yourself.” 
- Flip Pallot

Working with the team at Hell’s Bay Boatworks to have this boat built was an absolute pleasure. There are people that we encounter through business that we quickly come to learn will not just be another name in our professional network, but friends. Chris Peterson and Todd Fuller at Hell’s Bay are just such people. 

This skiff will take us places we have yet to see, but have long hoped we might. It is a tool, a handcrafted water-chariot and our preferred method of transport. We await great memories sure to be made aboard as we travel, fish new waters, shake new hands and enjoy the pursuit of fish dreams.

Come Drift Off Course with us. We’ll see you out there.

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