Fish Hippie Rewards

Fish Hippie Loyalty Program

With the Fish Hippie Reward Program, we are making it easier than ever to earn and save! Our loyalty program is FREE to join and allows you to earn points towards discounts and special offers with every Fish Hippie Purchase. Sign up today and earn 100 points!

Earning points is so easy! You'll earn 100 points just for signing up for Fish Hippie rewards. Earn more Points for different actions, and turn those Points into awesome rewards! Explore some more ways to earn points here.

Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.

Get 100 points each when you follow us on Instagram and Like and share us on Facebook

Write a product review and get 250 points!

Earn more points, unlock more perks including:

• Free Shipping
• Referral bonuses
• Special Discounts
• Early access to new products
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