What Are Volley Shorts?

What Are Volley Shorts?

Volley shorts are a type of men's swimwear featuring an elastic waistband and drawstring closure. They’re designed with a shorter leg than conventional swim trunks to provide a full range of movement for beach volleyball players. Made from lightweight, quick-drying fabrics like polyester and usually including a stretch fabric like Spandex, volley shorts are as comfortable for relaxing in a beach chair as they are jumping for a game-winning spike on the court.

When paired with a performance UV shirt, volley shorts make an excellent choice for flats fishing trips, where you'll be in and out of the boat all day and will need shorts that'll dry quickly between landing fish. For the same reason, they're the perfect shorts for surf casting or wet-wading rivers in warmer weather. They're as stylish as they are functional and should be the first thing you pack for any beach getaway.

Are Volley Shorts Swim Trunks?

Like swim trunks, volley shorts are designed to wear for swimming, but they are shorter in length than traditional swim trunk styles. While board shorts and other swim trunks fall at or below the knee, volley shorts fall just above the knee. The difference is simply in length, as both volley shorts and swim trunks come in quick-drying fabrics with a mesh lining to keep you comfortable at the beach or in the pool. But suppose you're planning on playing beach volleyball, surfing, or participating in any other beach activity where a full range of movement is helpful. In that case, the shorter length of volley shorts can be a huge performance booster over longer shorts that could trip you up, especially when they’re wet.

Volley shorts are widely available with an 8-inch inseam, but inseam lengths may vary by an inch in either direction. Once the inseam length approaches ten inches, it covers the knee for the average man, disqualifying the garment as a proper volley short. 

Do Volley Shorts Have Mesh Lining?

Since volley shorts are designed to wear in the water, they should include a mesh lining for comfort. The best volley shorts go a step further and feature a boxer-short length mesh lining, unlike the less-comfortable mesh brief lining. If you find volley shorts that don't include a mesh lining, you may want to reconsider your purchase, as you'll find them uncomfortable in more ways than one. 

Can You Wear Volley Shorts Casually?

On the scale of casual shorts, volley shorts would fall at the "very casual" extreme. They’re great for hanging out on the boat or beach, but if you plan to sit down at a casual restaurant, they may be a little too casual. When your adventures take you away from the water, like to a backyard BBQ or for drinks at an outdoor bar, consider a more dressed-up chino short. Volley shorts have become popular for their versatility and comfort, as they can be worn in and out of the water. They come in various colors and designs, ranging from solid to bold patterns, making them an attractive choice for beachgoers and active individuals.

Are you thinking about picking up your first pair of volley shorts? We couldn't recommend them more as a versatile bottom for swimming and hanging out by the water. Get started with the Meridian Volley Short for a feature-packed, classic 8-inch style with tons of prints to choose from.

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