Virginia Smallmouth

Virginia Smallmouth

While you might not be aware of it, smallmouth bass fishing holds a special place in our hearts during the peak of summer. Watching a smallmouth bass crush a topwater popper is a sight that lingers in your memory forever. Yet, it's not just the glossy, picture-perfect moments that captivate us; it's the candid behind-the-scenes glimpses that truly make our adventures unforgettable.

Every photoshoot brings with it a sense of anticipation and unpredictability. You never quite know what nature has in store for you, and that's part of it. Take, for instance, this particular day when Mother Nature decided to put us to the test. We hit the water with abnormally cool temperatures and relentless rain. It could easily have been considered a tough day, but that's part of fishing.

Are you curious about how the day unfolded and how we turned it into an unforgettable experience? Check out the image set to see how we weathered the storm and made the most of our wet and wild adventure! We want to thank Wes Hodges for having us out. His guide team is a class act! Check his lodging and fishing in the link below.








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