Guide to Polo Shirts

From the fairways and skiff decks to the board rooms and video calls, the polo shirt has become one of the most versatile styles in modern culture. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say most men in America probably keep at least one business-casual polo shirt in their regular rotation of tops. But wearing a polo shirt isn’t about looking like everyone else. They just flat-out look good, and they’re extremely comfortable. What else could you ask from a garment? 

Polo shirts may have been in the fashion Zeitgeist for going on two centuries now, but they show no signs of going out of fashion. Designers, including our team here at Fish Hippie, continue to innovate with fabrics and cuts. And the polo shirt shows no signs of disappearing from the wardrobe of any man who demands a shirt as comfortable on a sunny 18th hole as it is professional at a working lunch with a client. 

What Is a Polo Shirt?

Originally worn by polo players in India in the mid-1800s, the polo shirt is a versatile garment that offers a winning combination of the relaxed style of a T-shirt with the more business-casual look of a button-down shirt. It is typically made of knitted cotton fabric and features a soft collar, a placket with two or three buttons, and short sleeves. Modern designs take the style even further, in cotton blended with activewear fabrics like Spandex to create performance polo shirts.

Are Polo Shirts in Style?

When it comes to classic apparel that represents an effortless blend of style and functionality, few garments can match the enduring appeal of the polo shirt. Whether you're exploring the urban jungle or embarking on outdoor escapades, the polo shirt remains a versatile choice that exudes a timeless sense of sophistication.

How To Wear a Polo Shirt

The beauty of the polo shirt is you get what you see. You can throw one on as easily as you can a T-shirt, and it doesn’t require any styling. Honestly, the only thing you need to worry about when wearing a polo shirt is whether your pants or shorts clash with the color of your polo. That’s why polos are so beloved — they’re just easy to wear and don’t require any thought. 

Do You Tuck in a Polo Shirt?

In most cases, a polo shirt is designed to wear untucked. Its casual nature and the vented hem at the sides contribute to this relaxed style. But if you're aiming for a dressier or more polished look, such as for a business casual occasion, then tuck in your polo shirt. Just make sure it fits well and doesn't create any bunching from excess fabric when tucked.

What To Wear with a Polo Shirt

Don’t make your look any more complicated than it needs to be: Match your polo shirt with a pair of five-pocket pants or chino shorts and you’re all set. Those two options should satisfy 90% of your casual wardrobe needs. If you want to further diversify, you can always pair a polo with jeans, but avoid wearing one with sweats or joggers, as the more dressed-up look of a polo doesn’t pair well with the most casual pants.

In the world of fashion, where trends can be fickle, the polo shirt remains a steadfast and fashionable choice for work and play. Its enduring appeal, versatility, and blend of style and functionality make it a wardrobe staple that transcends passing fads, while keeping you comfortable in the outdoors. So, if you're looking for a garment that effortlessly balances handsome style with a touch of sporty flair, embrace the polo shirt and drift off course with confidence.

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