Belize Part 2

Belize Part 2


Our story picks back up in a parking lot surrounded by mango trees and the serenade of local macaws, as we pack up once again headed to our next stop. With the van crammed full, we sat out north to Hopkins for a rendezvous with some local guides/friends of Daves for a few more shots at a Permit.

With headlights that had seen there better days and dodging pot holes and speed bumps, we white-knuckled-it all the way to Hopkins for a late dinner with friends, new and old.

The next day, we met up with Marton and Damian to hit the flats in search of another permit. Unfortunately, the weather gods were not on our side as winds and seas hammered us all day. Large swells, high winds, and limited visibility made it extremely difficult to find permit. However, Marton and Damian knew a few protected spots where we managed to hook a few bonefish. Around lunchtime, Marton suggested visiting a flat that the local government is trying to develop, despite the locals being against it. It was invigorating to be part of the local movement and witness their passion to prevent it from happening. We ended up calling it a day and went back into town to kick the soccer ball, invite the locals, and grill jerk chicken.

The last day came too quickly. Before we ventured onto the speed bump-ridden roads, we hit the Aztec food stand, ordered thirty-six tacos, eight burritos, and made our way back to the airport. We met new friends, ate new food, caught a permit, and made memories that we will never forget.

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