Drifter Notes

  • Off the Grid in the Florida Everglades

    There is no cell service or distraction from the outside world, and for those few days all that mattered or needed to matter was fishing. This place is truly remote and wild, and you’re reminded of that at every winding turn through the murky, mangrove-lined rivers that cut their way through the South Florida backcountry.

  • Fall Saltwater Fishing

    When people think of saltwater fishing, most think of shorts and performance tshirts in 90 degree weather. While we do love getting out on the boat in those summer months, there is also some incredible opportunity to cash in on saltwater fishing in the fall.

  • 6 Species, 5 Days

    The Fish Hippie crew had the whole thing planned out to a T. We would begin our trip the minute we wrapped things up at the ICAST show in Florida. The goal of our expedition was to target six of the most sought-after species of fish that swim in the waters around Florida — tarpon, snook, redfish, sea trout, bonefish and permit. We had five days set aside to search for these fish and target them with a fly rod. With the Fish Hippie skiff in tow, we hightailed it out of Orlando like bandits and headed east.

  • Chasing Bonefish in the Bahamas

    A trip like this is usually only a dream. The Bahamas is a bucket-list destination for avid anglers looking to add to their resume of fishing adventures. We created some plans and brought together some people to turn this dream trip into a reality!

  • Chasing Tail

    ‚ÄãThis time of year is magical in the Lowcountry, and really everywhere for those of us who share passions for the outdoors. The cold weather has finally faded and the days are getting longer. For the avid inshore angler, this time of year means one thing: the return of tailing redfish! 

  • Sailfish and Scorpion Shots

    The winter months aren’t usually what people think of when good fishing is the topic of discussion, at least in our part of the world. There just aren’t that many great fishing opportunities in the early part of the year off the Carolina coast that we call home. The waters are cold, and the fish are typically a little more sluggish and shy than they will be come springtime. So we headed off to Isla Mujeres, just off the coast of Cancun, Mexico, to chase sailfish and tequila!

  • Improve Your Fly Casting in 2017

    The art of fly-casting is an age old method of presenting a fly to a fish in hope of enticing an eat. The cast in itself takes perfecting, the presentation for each species of fish can vary, and even after you place the perfect cast right on the nose of your quarry, if your fly is no good you will be denied time after time.

  • Cheers to South Texas

    A few weeks ago, we packed the truck, put on the best of George Strait and saddled up for the long drive to the Lone Star State.

  • Get Your Game Face On

    It may be the end of college football season soon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give one last nod to the tailgate spirit we brought to UNC-Chapel Hill earlier this fall.

  • Oysters Rockefeller Recipe

    The story of this famous “American” dish was created the way most American dishes were, by a European. We have an Oysters Rockefeller recipe that pays homage to the creator while at the same time, showcasing and giving voice to some of our local ingredients here in North Carolina.

  • Hell&'s Bay Boatworks

    Hell’s Bay Boatworks. If you know inshore light tackle fishing, you’ve heard of them, fished on one or dreamed one day of owning your own. Hell’s Bay, named after a remote piece of fishing grounds in the Everglades, is world renowned for its best-in-class construction of the finest poling skiffs on the market.

  • Cabin Bluff

    The world is a busy place these days. Sometimes we just need to turn off the phone, quiet the distractions and get away from it all. We just so happen to know of a place that fits that bill.